About the Shared Services Leadership Coalition

What is the Shared Services Leadership Coalition?

The Shared Services Leadership Coalition (SSLC) is an IRS-approved non-profit, non-partisan organization of companies, nonprofits, and individuals dedicated to advancing the use of shared service business models in the Federal Government.  Fully implemented shared services can release tens of billions of dollars in resources embedded in antiquated and duplicative business processes for re-purposing to higher value but under-resourced government missions while enabling numerous other modernization benefits such as cyber security and data transparency.   SSLC provides educational programs, technical assistance, professional development and advocacy activities to serve the needs of a growing community of government and industry shared services policy-makers and practitioners.

SSLC Vision of Future State Federal Shared Services

The SSLC shares and supports realization of the future Federal shared services marketplace envisioned by industry and government reform leaders as articulated by the Partnership for Public Service’s Shared Services Roundtable:

“Federal shared services should operate in an open, dynamic, smartly governed marketplace wherein larger scale, highly modernized and higher-performing government and commercial shared service providers compete and collaborate in the business of serving customer agencies, and customers are empowered to freely choose their providers based on reliable market information. The market should operate and be governed by sound, consistent and transparent business rules and best practices that will drive the market towards increasingly higher states of shared service utilization, performance, innovation, accountability, cost-savings and customer service.”

Partnership for Public Service, Shared Services Roundtable, November 2014