Shared Services Leadership Coalition – What’s In It For Me?   

The Shared Services Leadership Coalition (SSLC) is a community of government and industry leaders who share a passion for accelerating the pace of shared services implementation and government modernization.  SSLC provides opportunities for members to build relationships with government leaders, learn about implementation challenges inside the agencies, and help their government counterparts become successful.  By participating in SSLC, members help validate the shared services value proposition, create evangelists inside the government, and accelerate modernization and new business opportunities government wide.  

Since the beginning of 2023, SSLC has convened and led:  

  • Eight (8) Shared Services Roundtables with industry and government leaders, in partnership with ACT-IAC;
  • Monthly sessions of our flagship program, the Shared Services Forum, in partnership with the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) and the Senior Executives Association (SEA);
  • Monthly sessions of our Working Forward Forum exploring HR modernization and the future of work and the public service, also in partnership with NAPA and SEA;
  • Two (2) workshops exploring how HR shared services might be leveraged throughout the Department of Defense to manage the DoD civilian workforce, in partnership with NAPA and SEA, in support of the Defense Management Institute (DMI);  
  • Quarterly Leadership Luncheons with Executive Branch policy makers and implementation leaders who are designing and building the future shared services marketplace. 
  • HR Business Case Working Group, in support of the Human Resources Quality Services Management Office (HR QSMO) in the US Office of Personnel Management, to create a “playbook” for creating winning business cases for HR modernization investments; 
  • A roundtable discussion with leaders of the Financial Management, HR, Grants and Cyber Security QSMOs about ways to advance shared services implementation; and 
  • The 2023 Shared Services Summit, co-sponsored with ACT-IAC, the most important annual event in our community.

Upcoming Attractions 

This Fall, we’ll be launching an expanded version of last year’s successful pilot program, Federal Shared Services: Leveraging a Best Practice to Improve Government, an executive education program about how shared services work, deliver value and are evolving in industry and government, in partnership with The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration of The George Washington University.

Our next Shared Services Forum on September 14th will feature a retrospective discussion with policy makers and implementation leaders from the Bush, Obama and Trump Administrations about their lessons learned, unfinished business and challenges ahead.   

SSLC is “the room where it happens” for Federal shared services.  If you’re interested in this important marketplace, you need to engage with government through SSLC.  

For more information about SSLC activities and membership, please contact: