The SSLC-NAPA-SEA Forum Series for 2022

Now entering its fourth year, SSLC’s Forum series, presented in collaboration with the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) and the Senior Executives Association (SEA), is off to an exciting start in 2022.  Our original Shared Services Forum for Agency Implementation Leaders is a monthly workshop in which government executives who are leading shared services initiatives in their agencies bring their toughest challenges to the table for real-time collaborative problem-solving with their counterparts in other agencies and SSLC, NAPA and SEA leaders.  Over 100 executives from over 20 agencies have participated to date along with leaders from the four Quality Service Management Offices (QSMOs) charged to create future marketplaces for Financial Management, Human Resources, Grants and Cyber Security shared services.  Government executives who participate regularly have become the Forum’s strongest proponents and have testified to receiving high value insights and practical implementation support from their participation.  SSLC, NAPA and SEA believe the Forum represents a breakthrough in effective problem-solving and can become a model for advancing government modernization efforts.

Our Working Forward Forum, initiated last year also co-sponsored with NAPA and SEA, is exploring how emerging technologies and telework are transforming the nature of work and how government policies and cultures need to change to continue to leverage workplace innovations in the future post-COVID-19 environment, with a particular focus on HR modernization.

SSLC, NAPA and SEA are planning to launch additional Forums to support government modernization initiatives in the months ahead.  More information will be posted here when available.   

Forums are open to all interested government executives and industry shared services solution providers.  Dates of upcoming Forums are posted here: Upcoming Events. For more information about participating, please contact us at:

Programs and Support

Educational Programs

How we advance understanding and acceptance of shared services in government.

Technical Assistance

How we leverage our members’ expertise to help government leaders succeed.

Professional Development

How we create and sustain a robust government-industry practitioner community.

Advocacy Activities

How we advocate for our interests in faster, more business-like implementation.

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About the Shared Services Leadership Coalition

SSLC’s Definition of Shared Services
SSLC defines “shared services” as the transformation of service delivery in the Federal Government through implementation of standardized, scalable capabilities, services, and technologies that improve government operations and allow agencies to focus on mission, while enhancing employee and customer experience in a secure and efficient environment.

SSLC’s Mission Statement
SSLC’s mission is to support accelerated implementation of shared services in government by: (1) educating the government about how shared services work and deliver value to employees and citizens; (2) providing technical assistance to help government modernize successfully; and (3) advocating policies to accelerate shared services modernization. 

SSLC Goal Statement
SSLC’s goal is to promote and facilitate accelerated implementation of shared services and related modernization initiatives in service of the President’s Management Agenda objectives of strengthening and empowering the Federal workforce, delivering excellent, equitable, and secure Federal services and customer experience, and managing the business of government to build back better.

Value Proposition for Participation in SSLC Activities  
SSLC is a community of government and industry leaders who share a passion for accelerating the pace of shared services implementation and government modernization.  SSLC provides opportunities for leaders to build relationships, learn from each other and become shared services evangelists, thereby creating through their combined efforts a force multiplier for cultural change necessary to sustain government-wide transformation.  


SSLC is a member-driven organization led by a Management Team and a Board of Directors comprised of industry leaders from member companies and “at-large” members representing the public interest.

Management Team

John Marshall

Founder and CEO
Shared Services Leadership Coalition
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John Duncan

Shared Services Leadership Coalition
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Board of Directors

Joe DeFee

Strategy Lead
CACI Business Solutions
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Hans Jaeger

Chief Client Development Officer
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Kerry Canfield

Vice President, Federal Emerging Technologies Practice
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Rob Burton

Crowell & Moring LLP
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Ginger Crawford

Senior Director and
Business Area Lead
Science & Engineering Sector
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Steve Goodrich

President and CEO,
The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc.
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Ayesha Rahman

Senior Vice President,
Savantage Solutions
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Gretchen McCracken

CEO and Managing Partner,
Golden Key Group
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Coalition Members

SSLC invites members to participate in the four categories below. For information about how to become a member, please click here.

Super Sponsors

CGIGKG Golden Key Group

Executive Sponsors

General DynamicsYRCICACICOE Center for Organizational ExcellenceSavantage



Non-Profit Members


Friends of the Coalition

SSLC has an extended support network of “Friends” who are recognized leaders in industry, public policy and administration and academia who support SSLC’s mission and participate occasionally in SSLC activities. The following is a partial list of the members of this impressive community.

Greg Au

Alan Balutis

Roger Baker

Paul Bartley

Dan Blair

Doug Bourgeois

Jonathan Breul

Mike Carleton

Dan Chenok

John Cherbini

Alan Chvotkin

John Condon

Mary Ellen Condon

Tim Cooke

Mukesh Dalal

Glenn Davidson

Tom Davis

Rich Dobbs

Judy Douglas

David Fisher

Mark Forman

Cindy Gallagher

Peter Gallagher

Steve Galvan

Ira Goldstein

Steve Goodrich

Kevin Greer

Bob Haycock

Pat Healy

Hudson Hollister

Jim Holt

Elaine Kamarck

John Kamensky

Steve Kelman

Jeff Kemmerer

Lou Kerestesy

Kathryn Kienast

Todd Lamonia

Anne Laurent

Vincent Ley

Jerry Lohfink

Todd Lyle

Dave Mayo

Dave McClure

Kimberly McCabe

Donna Morea

Kim Nelson

Marta Perez

Andre Pinto-Lobo

John Potts

Everett Ross

Tim Rund

John Salamone

Mike Sauer

Robert Shea

John Sindelar

Mike Smith

Carlos Solari

Stan Soloway

Richard Spires

Hal Steinberg

Bob Suda

Jim Taylor

Kathleen Turco

Leif Ulstrup

Bob Understein

David M. Walker

Joe Ward

Sherry Weir

Jim Williams

Dave Wennergren

Gene Zapfel


The Shared Services Leadership Coalition would like to hear from you. Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. We’ll respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest in the Shared Services Leadership Coalition.