Breakfast Seminar Series

Reinventing Post-Pandemic: How can Agencies use COVID-19 as an opportunity for expanding Shared Services and leveraging Data Collaboration?

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
9:00 am to 10:30 am

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged government and industry in unprecedented ways and ushered in significant changes in the ways work is performed.  The need for trusted, timely and digestible information on public health and safety has become paramount.  New ways of doing business that were moving slowly up the adoption curve have surged forward to become “new normal” almost overnight.

The rapid acceptance of telework has placed new demands on technology infrastructures to enable sharing of cloud-based solutions, upgrading telework environments, virtual onboarding of new employees, and ramping up collaboration suites – all of which are enabled and powered by shared infrastructure, operations and data management.

How has your agency responded, and what future plans are underway for FY 2021?

This seminar will address how today’s new normal of virtual work and the need for improved data sharing are accelerating adoption of shared services and data sharing in the post COVID-19 world. Panelist info below:


Kevin Cox, Program Manager for the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Program, Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Cybersecurity and Communications

Kenneth Newton, Director, Service Delivery Directorate NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC)  
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Carmen Margarita Castro, Associate Comptroller Department of State, Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services 
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Gregg Mossburg, Senior Vice President, CGI Federal
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Message to Shared Services Community – Coronavirus Contingency Plans

In light of public health concerns and the ongoing threat of the coronavirus, SSLC and our partner organizations are either re-scheduling or making remote participation options available for upcoming shared services events. Our monthly “Shared Services Forum for Agency Implementation Leaders,” co-sponsored with the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) and the Senior Executives Association (SEA), will continue as scheduled from 10am to 12 Noon on the second Thursday of each month via teleconference until further notice. Other Forums and events will also be held through remote participation for the duration of the emergency. More details about future events will be communicated when available. We hope our response will enable our important work of supporting the government’s shared services initiatives to continue with a high level of participation from our community with a minimum of disruption. Thanks to all for continued support as we pull together in service of our shared interests in improving government efficiency and effectiveness. If you have questions about particular events or other matters related to our coronavirus response, please feel free to contact us at:

Shared Services Forum for Agency Implementation Leaders and QSMO Forums

SSLC’s latest collaboration with the National Academy of Public Administration and the Senior Executives Association is off to an exciting start. Our “Shared Services Forum for Agency Implementation Leaders” is a monthly workshop in which government executives who are leading shared services initiatives in their agencies bring their toughest challenges to the table for real-time collaborative problem-solving with their counterparts in other agencies and SSLC, NAPA and SEA leaders. The “pre-designated” Quality Service Management Office (QSMO) leaders representing Financial Management, Human Resources, Grants and Cyber Security are also participating in the Forum. Over 50 government executives representing over 20 agencies are participating, and the agencies who have presented their challenges as cases studies have all received high value, practical feedback and are experiencing encouraging early results. The sponsors believe the Forum represents a breakthrough in effective problem-solving that can become a model for other modernization efforts.

SSLC, NAPA and SEA are planning to offer additional Forums to assist the QSMOs in conducting market research to identify customer needs and market capabilities to serve the emerging shared services marketplace during the current year. 

Forums are open to all interested government executives and industry shared services solution providers. Dates of upcoming Forums are posted here: Upcoming Events. For more information about participating, please contact us at:

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Shared Services – Now!

What are Shared Services? “Shared services” is a business model for delivery of common back office administrative services, e.g., human resources (HR), financial management (FM), purchasing, etc., and common mission-support services, e.g., geospatial services, in which customer organizations receive services from experienced third party providers with high capacity platforms who can serve multiple customers more costeffectively than individual customers can serve themselves. LEARN MORE>

How Shared Services enable workforce and IT modernization objectives. In addition to providing enormous direct benefits of improved service and lower cost, shared services are a force multiplier of indirect benefits towards many other government reform and modernization objectives. LEARN MORE>

Why is legislation necessary? Shared services implementation has been underway in the Federal Government for decades with support from Presidential Administrations of both parties. Progress has been excruciatingly slow and discontinuous across administrations. LEARN MORE>

About the Shared Services Leadership Coalition

Mission Statement:
The Shared Services Leadership Coalition advocates that the Federal Government accelerate implementation of modernized shared service business models to reduce costs and improve performance of common administrative and mission related functions on behalf of the public interest in competent, cost-effective 21st Century government.

Goal Statement:
The Shared Services Leadership Coalition’s goal is to promote and facilitate government action to accelerate progress in “good government” shared services initiatives with the potential to realize annual savings of over $50 Billion in government administrative costs and substantial improvements in services, employee morale and government mission performance.


SSLC is a member-driven organization led by a Management Team and a Board of Directors comprised of industry leaders from member companies and “at-large” members representing the public interest.

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John Marshall

Founder and CEO
Shared Services Leadership Coalition
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Shared Services Leadership Coalition
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Chief Client Development Officer
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Vice President and General Manager
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Scott Quehl

Principal Director,
Accenture Federal Services
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President and CEO,
The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc.
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Ayesha Rahman

Senior Vice President,
Savantage Solutions
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SSLC has an extended support network of “Friends” who are recognized leaders in industry, public policy and administration and academia who support SSLC’s mission and participate occasionally in SSLC activities. The following is a partial list of the members of this impressive community.

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